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Flexible screen collection methods, combined with the actual site, flexible planning space more reasonable. Skillfully control screen track, can make the screen distribution in the plate box in an orderly way so as not to be disturbed.



Movable partition generally in between the adjacent battens and layering are inevitably gap. Partitions across the wide range of design fully consider the aluminum structure, through the layering installation specially designed sealing solid core rubber block, concave and convex combination, abandon the sponge rubber wallet in the past, so as to make under the gap between layering and screen frame material are completely sealed, the sound insulation effect of the screen is improved



Every company wide welding construction personnel have welding certificate, rich experience in construction, ensure the construction quality to meet the requirements.


Hanging wheel

Hanging wheel shell material for the import of POM, bearing the 6002-2RS, wire rod material for 35, Quenched and tempered steel, quenching and tempering heat treatment, surface blackening treatment, thread specification (fine pitch).


1 track material for 6063 - T6 high hardness aluminum alloy profiles
2 track aluminum alloy wall thickness up to 4.0mm, bearing up to 300 kg / M

wheel seat

Overall material for the Q235 steel, the outer surface of the used hot melt plastic powder spraying as antirust processing, spraying layer is not less than 50 mu m. hanging wheel seat connecting hanging wheel with the screen main body role.

hardware fitting

All metal parts are made of high quality steel, the surface of the plating treatment, materials and production process all in line with the relevant national standards.

Aluminum frame material

1 materials are 6063 - T6 high hardness aluminum alloy profiles
2 surface treatment of aluminum alloy profiles for anodic oxidation treatment

Sealant, rubber

1 material for PVC polyvinyl chloride
2 implementation of standards: GB/T529-92, GB/T3512-2002

lock disk

1 elegant brand locks
2 Adopt 304 stainless steel
3 do not rust, eight years warranty
4 of the original five keys

medium density fiberboard

1 datum materials, plate density 760Kg/m fand 6.3% moisture content.

Sound insulation cotton

Screen body filler. The par sound-absorbing glass fiber is environmental protection product, fireproof performance, thermal resistance and noise reduction coefficient are in line with the American ASTM standards.

To cut a good aluminum, drill good wood, double pipe and double root drive rod and other hardware accessories assembled together to form the basic frame of a door, spell box is the laying of the foundation, the door is the most important process, so we choose are first-class material, never cut corners.

The door panel is filled with a sound insulation cotton, so that the door panel is more stereo feeling, the sound is smaller when the door is knocked, and the sound insulation effect is more effective.

The door into the door of the box, to wipe and clean, to ensure that every door into the customer's hands are clean the whole day.

Every piece of the door panels to by the second layer of the packaging, steam bubble film, effective protection door, outsourcing cardboard to prevent be scraped, from production to packaging 100 multi-channel process,

Free home delivery installation, widely separated from the production will be fine




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