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        Nanjing Guangge  building decoration co., LTD is a professional research and development, design, sales, manufacture, installation, after-sales service as one of the integrated service providers activity partition, one of the company headquarters is located in the enjoy the six dynasties the ancient capital of nanjing jiangning district, the factory area of 2000 square meters, is a professional design, production and professional installation larger at the activity partition of one of the manufacturers.
        Nanjing Guangge building decoration co., LTD., through the ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification, won the Chinese title of product quality, reputation, service AAA level enterprise. At the same time, we are still in China building decoration association, nanjing building decoration association, a senior member units, and every year since 2008 has won the nanjing issued by the administrative department for industry and commerce in nanjing, the contract heavy credit enterprise title.
        Partition of isolation system with brand wide attracted the world within the scope of the advanced technology, and make full use of the concept of space, to provide customers from design, production, project management, product installation and maintenance of the systematic solution. Has always been to get old and new customers the trust and praise. Flexible products in free space space, improve space utilization, on the basis of both excellent sealing performance, sound insulation effect. Products applicable to the exhibition center, hotel, school, multi-function hall, banquet hall, conference room, training room etc, can be large space flexible and easily separated into small space and get the height of the modern architects and clients affirmation and praise.
        Direct manufacturers to reduce costs, the worlds most low price to provide the worlds most upscale partition, is the company service world wide.

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    Good partition, Guangge made, your side of the partition experts, 15 years focused on tailored for customers to cut off the solution
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